Wrestling Terminology & Points System

Takedown: 2 pts-Wrestler gains control of other wrestler

Reversal: 2 pts-Control between wrestlers switches

Escape: 1 pt-Wrestler escapes from other wrestler's control

Locked Hands: 1/1/2/DQ-Wrestler in control can't lock hands unless in pinning combination-4th time=DQ

Near Fall (2 sec): 2 pts-Exposing the back for at least 2 seconds

Near Fall (5 sec): 3 pts-Exposing the back for at least 5 seconds

Fall (Pin): Wrestler in control holds other wrestler's shoulders on mats for 2 seconds-match ends

Neutral: Both Wrestlers Standing

Referees Position: 1 Wrestler on Top/1 Wrestler on Bottom

Stalemate: No wrestler can gain an advantage

Stalling: Not initiating action

Technical Violation: Illegal move/action/hold

Examples of technical violations include:
* Pulling opponent's singlet
* Pulling opponent's hair
* Locking hands
* Biting
* Cursing
* Poor Sportsmanship