What is Auburn Takedown?

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What is Auburn Takedown’s Mission?
The mission of Auburn Takedown is to provide youth with a positive experience that is both enjoyable and safe. We emphasize participation, progress and sportsmanship – not wins and losses. This philosophy is expected of all wrestlers, parents and coaches. Beginning wrestlers will be taught the building blocks of the sport. More advanced wrestlers will be challenged according to their ability at a more serious level. Many of our youth wrestlers have continued on and competed for the junior high and area high school teams. 

Who are the coaches?
Our coaching staff is made up of volunteers and parents, many with wrestling experience.  All coaches have completed a thorough background check and SafeSport (sexual harassment/abuse) training. Most hold either Copper or Bronze Certification through USA Wrestling. The coaches are periodically assisted by current or former wrestlers. We are always looking for additional coaches. Please contact us if you are interested. 

Who can wrestle on the Auburn Takedown Wrestling Club?
The simple answer is anyone.  Our program welcomes wrestlers from the Auburn-Opelika and greater metro area including boys and girls, big or small.  We also welcome kids with nearly any disability. 

My daughter wants to wrestle. Is she eligible?
Yes! Even though boys are the majority of the team, girls are encouraged to wrestle. We have had girls participate in the past who have been just as, or even more successful than the boys. Over the last ten years, female participation has increased to the point that it is not uncommon to find girls participating in youth and high school programs. Girls wrestle with the same pairing criteria as boys and gender is not a factor. 

Are there any physical limitations?
No! ANYONE can wrestle! The sport of wrestling provides opportunities like no other, especially for the adaptive athlete. In fact, many wrestlers with disabilities have found success competing against able-bodied athletes, despite what seem like insurmountable physical challenges. Kyle Maynard, a quadruple amputee won 36 varsity matches, Anthony Robles born with one leg was a NCAA National Champion, Zion Shaver was born with no legs and went 33-15 his senior year, and Jay Spencer was a 2019 Alabama high school state champion despite being legally blind. 

Does my child need experience?
No. Most of our members began with little or no previous wrestling experience.

At what age should kids become involved in wrestling?
Some wrestlers start at age 5-6, but many start later. Some parents feel that wrestling is too intense for young kids, and that it is better suited for post-pubescent teenagers. There is no easy way to know when a child is mature enough to be participating in a new sport. Some may be ready at five, while others might not develop an interest until their early teens. The best approach is to introduce kids to the sport at a time and pace that is consistent with their interest level, backing off when necessary, and allowing more participation as their interest grows. 

What is your facility like?
Our wrestling facility consists of a 60’x80’ “warehouse like” building with approximately 3,500 sq ft of wrestling mats. Additional equipment include battle ropes, practice dummies, jump box, and Bulgarian bags. Within the building is an air conditioned 900 sq.ft. office space with a parents viewing room, bathroom, sink, refrigerator, and microwave oven.

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