Can I Get Practice Information?

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What will I learn my first few classes?
Beginning wrestlers will learn the fundamentals of wrestling starting with the basic rules, objectives, and positions including neutral positions, takedowns, bottom and top “referee’s” positions. 

Who will my child wrestle?
During practice, wrestlers are split-up based on weight and experience.

When and where are practices held?
Practices are held at the Auburn Takedown Wrestling Club located at 1701 Lee Road 0010, Auburn, AL.
To get directions, search Google Maps using “Auburn Takedown Wrestling Club”.
Practices schedules are listed on the home page.

How are practices run?
The early session places heavy emphasis on teaching the basics, having fun and working hard.  Practices consist of an energetic warm up, some teaching and drilling of moves, a brief break in the middle, and ending practice with live wrestling or a fun game. The later session continues to build on the fundamentals learned as a novice. Practices are structured similarly but things move faster with a more advanced curriculum.

Is it required for my child to participate in every practice?
No.  While we encourage wrestlers to participate in as many practices as your family schedule allows. We are flexible and understand conflicts exist. Wrestlers are strongly encouraged to attend as many practices as possible. Wrestling is an individual sport and missing practices only reduces your wrestlers time on the mat and opportunity to gain experience. 

How intense are the practices?
Wrestling is one of the most challenging of all sports. It is both mentally and physically exhausting.  Wrestlers are challenged to push themselves physically in terms of strength and endurance. In wrestling you get cardio, strength, endurance and agility workouts all in one practice. A fully conditioned wrestler is one of the most highly conditioned athletes in ANY sport. That said, our practices are structured to be challenging but still fun.

Through wrestling, kids develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and most importantly confidence in their abilities. These attitudes are the basis of all competitive sports. Exposure to wrestling will help your child excel in other sports such as soccer, football, track and much more.

What is the policy for practices regarding drop-off and pick-up?
Parents are free to drop-off and pick-up their youth wrestlers but are asked to arrive early enough to allow them time to put on their shoes so we can start practice on time.

Do you allow parents to view classes?
Yes, two closed circuit camers feed monitors in a “parents’ room” from which they can view the entire practice area. We ask parents to remain outside the main practice room and to refrain from interacting with their kids during practice as experience has taught us that most youth wrestlers are easily distracted by the parents and quickly lose focus.

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