Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Wrestling?
Is wrestling like what professional wrestlers do on TV?
- What physical effects does wrestling have on children?
- What makes a good wrestler?
- I hear wrestling is violent. Is that true?
- Is wrestling dangerous? I worry about my son/daughter.
- Is wrestling good for self-defense?

Why Wrestle?
- Why should my child wrestle?

What Is Auburn Takedown?
- What is Auburn Takedown’s Mission?
- Who are the coaches?
- Who can wrestle on the Auburn Takedown Wrestling Club?
- My daughter wants to wrestle. Is she eligible?
Are There Any Physical Limitations?
- Does my child need experience?
- At what age should kids become involved in wrestling?
- What are your facilities like?

How Do We Join and When Should We Start?
- How Do We Join?
- Why Does My Son/Daughter Need a USA Wrestling Membership?
- What Is The Fee to Join?
- What if we cannot afford the fees?
- Do they need a physical from a doctor?
- When is the best time to start?
- My child is in X grade, is it too late to get started in the sport?
- Is there a trial period for new wrestlers to determine if they like the sport?
- My son/daughter plays football or a fall sport. Can I start late?
- What if something happens, do you offer a refund in the middle of the season? 
- What if my child stopped wrestling, can he/she come back?

Can I Get Practice Information?
What will I learn my first few classes?
- Who will my child wrestle?
- When and Where Are Practices Held?
How Are Practices Run?
- Is it required for my child to participate in every practice?
How intense are the practices?
What is the policy for practices regarding drop-off and pick-up?
- Do you allow parents to view classes?

What Equipment Do We Need?
- What Equipment Do We Need to Get Started?
- How Do I Choose Wrestling Shoes?

- What is headgear and is it required?
What is cauliflower ear? 
Water Bottle
- Do I have to wear a singlet?
How to care for singlets
What if my child is not sure about wearing the singlet?
What About Knee Pads
How About a Mouth Guard?

When Is Wrestling Season and Where Do We Compete?
- When Is the Normal Wrestling Season?
- What is the difference between Folkstyle and Freestyle/Greco Roman wrestling?
- What Are Dual Meets
- When and Where Are Tournaments?
- What can we expect at tournaments?
- What can/should I bring to a tournament?
- How Long Are Matches?
- How are points scored in wrestling?
What happens if the score is tied at the end of regulation (3 periods)?
Is a parent required to attend the tournaments with his/her child(ren)?
This is my child’s first year. How do I know if he/she is ready to compete?
Is it possible for two teammates to compete against each other in a tournament?
How do I find out about other tournaments outside of the club’s season
Do I have to go to all of the tournaments on the team calendar?
How does my child become a starter with the club?

What About Health & Hygiene?
I hear about wrestlers "making weight" or "cutting weight" do youth wrestlers do this?
What about personal hygiene?
I hear wrestlers contract a lot of skin infections, is that true?

What Can I Do As a Parent?
How involved do parents have to be?
What can I do to help my child become a better wrestler?
What happens if my child gets injured, Is the club insured?
Where can my wrestler get more mat time / experience?
Do you have Auburn Takedown Wrestling Club gear for sale?