What Can I Do As a Parent?

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How involved do parents have to be?
Transporting your child to/from practices is a great start. Being at meets and tournaments is another. These are just the basic steps to being involved. The success of our club depends on volunteers. Whether or not you have wrestling experience or enjoy helping kids, jump in - we can always use your help in some manner! Our club has several opportunities for parental involvement in fundraising, equipment, media relations, membership, and general parent participation.

What can I do to help my child become a better wrestler?
You will experience many emotions during your wrestler’s career, both positive and negative. The best thing you can do is give your child unconditional support. Bring them to practice, talk about what they are learning, encourage, wipe the tears away when they happen (and they will), and be there to pick your child back up. You will find that after a short while, you will see changes in your young wrestler that will make you proud. While we encourage you to root for your wrestler, within the boundaries of acceptable behavior, we also request our club parents support the following guidelines during meets and tournaments:
-  Do cheer for your wrestler.
-  Do give them a big hug after their match, win or lose.
-  Do tell them that you are very proud of them for trying their best.
-  Do take pictures and videos.
-  Don’t tell them what to do during the match. That is the job of the coaches. If both you and the coach are screaming instructions, your wrestler will most likely stop and listen to you. This is not helping your child.
-  Don’t tell them what they did wrong after the match. Let the coaches do that. If you want to talk about the match, wait a while after the match. Telling what they did wrong right after the match is counterproductive.
-  Do not yell at referees, regardless of how bad a call may seem. Let the coaches handle the referees during the matches. In the grand scheme of things, Saturday wins and losses don’t mean anything.
-  Do not yell at or talk to our coaches during a match. Let him focus on your wrestler. If you have something that you would like to discuss, please find a quieter time with that coach. We are happy to talk about your child, let’s just find the right time to do it.

What happens if my child gets injured, Is the club insured?
Auburn Takedown Wrestling Club facility is covered with primary liability and accident insurance.  The club is sanctioned by AAU and USA Wrestling and is fully insured for injuries at practice or tournaments.

Where can my wrestler get more mat time / experience?
Before/after the season, we may schedule Sunday practices based on interest. During the summer, Auburn Takedown and Auburn High School will normally hold wrestling clinics focusing mostly on technique. Warrior Wrestling Club in Calera, AL and Storm Wrestling Center in Perry, GA offer Sunday practices and summer clinics as well. Both clubs are approximately 2 to 2-1/2 hours away.  In addition, during the summer there are a number of superb wrestling camps throughout the central and northeast U.S. that can take your wrestler to the next level. 

Do you have Auburn Takedown Wrestling Club gear for sale?
We offered a complete package from Barbarian Apparel last season but due to the high cost, most members refrained from purchasing the uniforms.  For this 2020-2021 season, we plan to offer a more modestly priced set. Information will be passed once the details to order are finalized.

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