How Do We Join and When Should We Start?

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How do we join?
These steps can be done at home or club but must be completed before wrestlers can practice.
1) Purchase an AAU or USA Wrestling membership
     Link to AAU membership:  *Recommended for youth*
     Link to USA Wrestling 
 (enroll at the “Limited Folkstyle” level).
2) Complete and submit a Release and Waiver of Liability Form
     Link to AAU Release and Waiver of Liabilty Form
     Link to USA Release and Waiver of Liability Form
3) Complete and submit a SafeSport training consent form
    Link to SafeSport Training Consent Form 
 (USA membership only)
4) Login to SafeSport and complete training at the club or home
    Link to SafeSport Training website (USA membership only)

Why does my son/daughter need an AAU or USA Wrestling membership?
A sanctioned membership allows members to participate in any sanctioned events, club practices, camps, clinics, etc. as well as provides individual insurance for the wrestler.

What Is the fee to join?
There is no registration fee. The month-to-month fee is $60 paid by the 5th of each month.

What if we cannot afford the fees?
If you need financial assistance, please contact a coach or a board member. We keep all situations confidential. 

Do they need a physical from a doctor?
No, but we do recommend checking with your pediatrician if you suspect there are any issues that may prohibit or limit your child from participating.

When is the best time to start?
For those with some wrestling experience, anytime is a good time. The best time for new wrestlers is at the beginning of our fall pre-season in September.

My child is in X grade, is it too late to get started in the sport?
No - it is never too late to start. Our club welcomes students at any age. Our coaches will work with each wrestler so that s/he can get the basic moves.

Is there a trial period for new wrestlers to determine if they like the sport?
Yes, there is a two
 week trial period for first year wrestlers.

My son/daughter plays football or a fall sport. Can I start late?
Yes, we run practices year-round, so anyone can start at any time of year! Many of our wrestlers are involved with other sports including cross-country, football, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse.  These other sports tend to practice two to three times a week, so wrestlers are welcome to practice on their off-days.

What if something happens, do you offer a refund in the middle of the season? 
We handle these on a case by case bases.

What if my child stopped wrestling, can he/she come back?
Of course! Our club welcomes back any wrestler. Some techniques may need to be re-taught, but most wrestlers are able to fit right back in with practice and training.

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