For the Wrestling Parent
Of the many sports your child can participate in, Wrestling is perhaps the most misrepresented, misunderstood, and underrated. The ratio of participation to public awareness is remarkably lopsided. Each year hundreds of thousands of kids participate in this sport, yet the average person knows as much about wrestling as they might know about rugby or polo -- which combined, involve far fewer athletes. The purpose of this section is to generate new interest and awareness among parents whose children want to participate in this exciting and rewarding sport.

Hopefully, this will help expose the myths and uncover the benefits wrestling has to offer, and most importantly, help parents understand how this unique sport best compliments other sports choices their child makes.

Rules of Wrestling (9:04): Scoring, Starting Positions

 Good short orientation for parents.

Wrestling Video for Parents and Wrestlers (41:40)

Comprehensive explanation of wrestling rules including how a match is organized, scoring, typical situations, illegal holds, potentially dangerous positions, violations,, overtime rules, penalties, and more!

How to Use TrackWrestling
Using TrackWrestling on your iPhone or iPad will allow you to see “near real-time” match scores and, more importantly, upcoming mat assignments.  Here is a quick way to get started:
1. Go to
2. Click on “BROWSE” tab
3. Click on “
Tournaments” tab
4. Click on “
Search Events” box at top
5. Next to State, Select “
Alabama” then click on Search box
    * You can search using different criteria, but this is probably the quickest *
6. Click on “
JH Swede Umbach Pools
7. Click on “
Enter Event
8. Once the tournament starts, you should see one of the 2 views below depending on whether you are using an iPad/Desktop or iPhone. The window times out if you don’t click on anything for a while. If this happens, you will have to re-start from the top.
9. Change the number of upcoming matches on each mat by clicking on the gray box labeled “DEPTH” and entering a number from 1-5.

TrackWrestling Dashboard View on PC/iPad

TrackWrestling Dashboard View on SmartPhone

Nutrition and Hygiene
Click on the links below to view information on how to keep your wrestler eating well and safe from skin infections.

Skin Infection Video
All AHS and AJHS wrestlers are required to view this video.
National Wrestling Coaches Association - Preventing Skin Infections (30:18)

Wrestling Facts

Terminology and Points

The Match

The Parent’s Role in Motivation

10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids